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“Finding a Voice”  The Book Project


Gabrielle Bachers


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Gary E. Bachers ART for the SOUL




Project Overview:

A brief background: Instructions to Schools

Bachers had a massive stoke 21 years ago at the age of 38.  A practicing  physician, he was unable to return to practice because of the expressive aphasia and right sided hemiplegia he was left with.


His energy and determination went into a new form of expression…his art. He found that what he could no longer say in words he could convey through his art.


He has become a well respected artist through his unfailing determination.


Many of the artworks focus on children, always thoughtful and in a dreamlike state.


What our project entails is having the students watch a short slide presentation of the artwork.  Then, write a short poem, haiku, or prose..whatever they are moved to contribute…about the feelings they have when they are in this quiet meditatiove place that Bachers draws us into.


What are the fears, dreams anxieties of these students, now, when they take the time to slow down and enter that quiet place that Bachers draws them into.


Our hope is to publish the book with the selected verbalizations of the children paired with  Bachers’ Art.


We are essentially asking  the students to put words to Bachers’ art…words that Bachers no longer has………...



Instructions to Students :

After a brief  introduction to the students we will present about 30 works in a powerpoint presentation.

Bachers wife, Gabrielle will speak briefly to the students outlining these points:


Bachers lost the use of his right side as well as his ability to use language as we think of it.

What he slowly learned to do was express himself through his art.

Through his art he touches us and makes us slow down and think

He is creating a mood and drawing us into his meditative world.

Bachers is creating art that draws us into a quiet thoughtful mood

Inspires us to  slow down.

Visual art and language art go hand in hand.  THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!


What BACHERS can no longer do is write or express himself verbally…

 We ask you to write, not a narrative…but an expression of your feelings.

What thoughts do the images make you think of?  What mood do you find yourself in?

When you are alone and quiet with the full moon what do you think about?

What do you dream about?

What do you fear, worry about?


Poems, prose or just a few words,

What do you, here , now, in this class think about, dream about, worry about?


…...When you slow down and get into this quiet place…just you and the full moon

We are thrilled that the list of schools involved in  our “Finding a Voice” project  is growing. 

If your school would like to be involved, contact  us and we will make  arrangements.